Cedarwood Incense Holder


These incense holders are beautifully handcrafted from Cedarwood, a soft and light wood known for its texture and scent. Each one has undergone a wood charring technique that naturally preserves the wood, making it resistant to fire and the elements, as well as enhances the grain in a rich and striking way, bringing out its beauty.

They have a hard oil finish for further durability. No two are the same—individual and unique in character and colour.

Dimensions approximately 25 x 4cm and each is stamped with ‘Made in Sahaja’ on the reverse.

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Rajan has always enjoyed working with wood, and the beautifully meditative quality of this craft. Inspired by Japanese Shou Sugi Ban and wood charring techniques of different cultures, he began experimenting with different wood and offcuts from Monte Sahaja. A great joy and fascination of his is that one never knows what the final result will be—wood charring doesn’t create but instead reveals and enriches textures and nuances of wood in one-of-a-kind ways. Rajan’s hand-crafts all carry a great depth of beauty.