Frequently Asked Questions

Accepted payment methods

We accept the following payment types: 

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

Why did my payment fail?

There are a number of reasons why a payment might fail; these are some of the most common solutions:

  • Check your account balance to ensure you have sufficient funds.
  • Try entering your details again to be sure they were entered correctly. 
  • Check if you have permission to make payments outside your country.
  • The internet server timed out. If it took some time to complete an order, the system may detect this as error. In this case, you would need to go through the payment process again.
  • If you are paying with PayPal, if your PayPal details are not identical to your Mooji Sangha Shop account details, occasionally the payment does not go through. If this is the case, you will need to update your Mooji Sangha Shop account details to match your PayPal details (or vice versa).

If you have other payment issues with PayPal, you will need to contact PayPal directly. Simply go to and log into your account to find the PayPal ‘Contact Us’ page.

You can also contact your bank, who can look into your account and give you details as to why your payment could not be processed. They can also unblock cards to allow payments to companies based outside of the issuing country.

PayPal Issues

(Please also see ‘Why did my payment fail?’ above)

Sometimes payments through PayPal have issues if your PayPal account details are not identical to your Mooji Sangha Shop account details. In these cases, your name, billing address, shipping address, phone number and email address must be identical in both PayPal and Mooji Sangha Shop accounts.

For other technical issues, please contact PayPal directly.

Do you accept payment in other currencies?

We accept payment in EURO only, but you are welcome to pay with a credit or debit card that is in another currency. The EURO amount will be converted and charged in your local currency by your card issuer, and fee if applicable.

Your Order: Shipping, Tracking, Returns and Exchanges
Can I track my order?

All our orders are sent from Portugal. For orders within the EU, we use a standard postal service, so there is no tracking number available. For shipments outside the EU, a tracking service is included. Please contact us at and we can tell you the tracking number if you would like to track your parcel.

I have not yet received my order

Depending on where you live, and due to the current world situation, your order may take more time to reach you. Please allow up to 3 weeks delivery time from when you placed your order. If you have not received your order after 3 weeks, please contact us at

I received my order but the poster is missing

We send all posters in a separate tube to ensure they are not damaged. You should receive the poster soon after receiving your other items.

I received my order but something is missing/incorrect

We endeavour to fulfill your order correctly and apologise if something is missing or incorrect. Please note that posters are sent separately to other items to ensure they are not damaged. In case there is something missing or incorrect, please contact us at

I have placed my order online but would like to add/delete some item(s)

Before paying for the order, it is possible to change items directly by going to the cart. Once the order has been placed (paid), it is not generally possible for us to add/remove items or change sizes. However, you can write to us at and we can see if any changes are possible. Please note that there is no guarantee that we will be able to make changes once an order is placed.

I have placed my order online but entered the incorrect shipping address

If you have made a mistake with your shipping address, please contact us immediately at, and we will endeavour to correct the address prior to it being shipped. While we will do our best, we cannot guarantee being able to make a change once an order is placed.

How can I cancel my order if I have changed my mind?

Please contact us immediately at If the order has not been shipped, we will happily cancel it for you and give a refund. If the order has already been sent, we cannot cancel it or issue a refund.

Do you accept returns or exchanges of products?

We do not accept returns or exchanges of products, except t-shirts. T-shirts cannot be refunded, but may be exchanged for another size within 60 days of purchase. The items must be unused (not washed or worn) and the buyer pays postage.

If an item is faulty, we will accept it within 60 days of purchase. Please contact if you need to return a faulty item.

Can I return downloadable products?

No, downloadable products cannot be returned or refunded.

Wholesale Inquiries
I would like to purchase books at wholesale price for resale.

It is possible for retailers and corporate customers to buy books at a wholesale price. Please email for more information.

Technical Issues – Downloadable products
I purchased a downloadable but it is not fully downloading

In some few cases, when someone clicks the download link, the download doesn’t automatically begin, or the download starts but doesn’t complete. Changing your browser usually solves this issue (eg if you are using Safari, use Google Chrome or another browser instead). Please also check if your internet connection is good. If you still encounter difficulties with downloading, please contact us at

How do I transfer mp3 files from my computer to my iPhone or mobile device?

It is possible to download the files on multiple devices. As such, the easiest way to put files on your mobile device is by opening your email with the download link on that device and downloading the files directly there. 

On older iPhones, however, it is sometimes not possible to download directly. There are different ways to transfer files to your iPhone; here is one option:

  1. Download the files onto your computer. They will likely be ‘zipped’.
  2. Unzip the files (if your computer doesn’t have a program to unzip, there are many free programs you can find online, eg 7-zip for Windows, or iZip for Mac).
  3. Open iTunes (or Music) on your computer. Select “File menu”, then choose “Add to Library”, and select the unzipped files.
  4. Now sync iTunes on your iPhone, and the files should be available there.

What is an e-book?

An ebook is a digital version of the physical book that you can read on devices such as your phone, ebook reader (like Kindle) or computer. The overall book content is essentially the same, but you will find some small differences in the layout to adjust to a digital reader.

What kind of file format is the eBook?

The most popular formats for ebooks are mobi and epub. Both formats are offered when you buy an ebook from us.

How do I know if my ebook reader needs the mobi or the epub file?

You can find online or in your user manual which file your reader uses. Amazon Kindle uses mobi files. Apple Books, Google Play Books, Sony Reader, Kobo and Barnes & Noble Nook all use epub files. When you purchase an ebook here, we provide both epub and mobi files so you will have a compatible file for your specific reader.

What if I don’t have an ebook reader device?

You don’t need an ebook reader device to read an ebook. You can access ebooks on your computer or mobile devices like smartphones through programs that read ebooks. 

An example is the Kindle application (software) that allows you to read mobi ebooks and is available on Amazon as a free download (you need to have an Amazon account). There are also free epub reader applications. These applications are usually compatible with many types of devices, eg PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets so you can read ebooks on whichever device or computer you have.

Is Kindle a device or software?

Both the device from Amazon and the free application which can be downloaded from Amazon are called “Kindle”.

I have downloaded the ebook file onto my computer; how do I open it?

(Please also read ‘What if I don’t have an ebook reader device?’ above)

You will need to download and install an app to be able to read ebooks on your computer or phone. When you have downloaded and installed the app, and also downloaded the ebook, if you double-click on the ebook file on your computer, it should automatically open in the app.

I have the ebook file on my computer; how do I move it to my mobile device?

There are many ways to move files to mobile devices, which also vary because of the number of types of devices and ebook readers. An easy way is to open your email with the download link on your mobile device and download it directly onto your device.

If you have a Kindle, you can also connect the Kindle to your computer, and then click and drag the file directly into the device.