Sri Ramakrishna ~ Pine


Lovingly hand-crafted with great care for the harmonious union of image and wood. With artistic inspiration, the originality of the wood is preserved and the grain shines through, making each piece truly unique.

This timeless image of Sri Ramakrishna finds its perfect home on this old piece of pine wood, rich in its beauty and artistic value. The piece is both self-standing and has a hook for hanging. Can leave traces of charcoal

Dimensions approximately 28 x 17 |  2.5cm thickness

745 g

Sold out


Bholenath’s creativity and artistry has inspired and uplifted the sangha for many years. Best known for his soul-infused music, his artistic heart now shines in these exquisite hand-crafted wood prints. His eye for beauty and love for Truth, for the Supreme, comes through in all aspects of his work, giving us these spirit-filled creations that are uplifting to behold.