The Shining of my Lord


The Shining of my Lord is a classic collection of the utterances by Muruganar, a great devotee of the sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi. Muruganar was consumed completely by the power and presence of his Guru upon meeting him in 1923. Through the gift of writing, Muruganar encapsulated the teachings he had imbibed and expressed his gratitude to Bhagavan for revealing the state of awakening in him. This book offers an opportunity to absorb the direct and essential pointings of Ramana Maharshi through a lullaby of love from one of his greatest devotees. 

This new anthology consists of verses primarily from Muruganar’s Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham and have never appeared in English before. They have been translated and arranged by Dr. T Venkatasubramanian and David Godman. 

Please note these unique books have travelled from India. Some have very minor cosmetic imperfections and are offered at a discounted price.

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‘Our father, who became my inseparable Lord of bliss, you reigned over me with an abundance of kindness, looking upon me as someone who was entitled to your true love. What can I say? What recompense can I offer? And by what means? I sing your glory constantly, dwell on it, and abide wholly as you.’

~ The Shining of my Lord


About the cosmetic imperfections: these can vary, but are of the nature of a few pages having small folds in the corner, page cutting errors, smudges on inside pages, a few printing ink marks on the paper edges or damage to the cover or spine.

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