Une invitation à la liberté – French An Invitation to Freedom

Éveil immédiat pour tous


French translation of An Invitation to Freedom

An Invitation to Freedom is a direct guide, of profound clarity, leading to Self-realization. If you yearn for Self-discovery and your desire to be free is alive and unstoppable, this Invitation is for you. In this radiant and deeply alive book, Mooji guides us towards the recognition of the Infinite Self that we are. Follow his directions and make the greatest discovery of your life.

This book is available in print, softcover, and electronic version. The audio version is available here , the translations in other languages here .

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An invitation to freedom is a living sesame opening the door to Self-realization. This direct guide, of deep clarity, effortlessly pierces the superficial veils which seem to hide our true nature and quickly brings the mind back to its source, the Heart.

Researchers today recognize the Invitation as a most auspicious novelty, a gift of the grace of God, the Infinite Self. Thus, thousands of people in the world are awakening to the ever-present natural Truth, until they see it as their living and unalterable reality.

Moojibaba intuitively offers the necessary guidance to those who receive it, which is why this second edition contains subtle adjustments from the Master, deepening and grounding the recognition of our essence, the Self. If, however, you own the First Edition, rest assured that both versions are endowed with the same power to bring you to experience the Timeless Being.

The Invitation is a straightforward, simple and powerful little book. Open it, follow its directions seriously, and you will find yourself in your Home, in Yourself. It could be the greatest discovery of your life.

“If you aspire to the discovery of the Self and your desire to be free is
alive and unstoppable, this Invitation is for you. Grace has deposited
this aspiration in your heart, and it is therefore possible to arrive at
this direct recognition without further delay. It works, it works, it works – yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.


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