Meki Meki Bag


These crossbody bags are very comfortable, light and bright. Each bag is made of cotton with contrasting trim (polyester blend). They are fastened by loop and rudraksha bead.

Size: 16cm x 20cm | Strap length: 135cm

As these are handcrafted individually and use printed fabric, each bag may have slight variations.

Dark Grey - FeatherDark Grey - FeatherDark Grey - FeatherLight Blue - GoldLight Blue - GoldLight Blue - GoldDark Grey - TribalDark Grey - TribalDark Grey - TribalMint Green - TribalMint Green - TribalMint Green - TribalTeal - Sequin PinkTeal - Sequin PinkTeal - Sequin PinkOrange - FloralOrange - FloralOrange - FloralMint Green - LeafMint Green - LeafMint Green - Leaf
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Mekala (Meki) is a talented craftswoman who has beautified many interior and open spaces at Monte Sahaja. She has been working with textiles for many years, bringing her loving attention to decorative and practical items all around the land. These handmade bags are an example of her creativity and versatility, and have become a firm favourite with the sangha in Monte Sahaja.