Buddha Rosewood Mala


These rosewood beads come from the city of Urfa in Turkey, said to be the home of Abraham, and each pendant is individually crafted in bronze. Being handmade with natural materials, each mala is unique with slight variations.

A beautiful mala with a bronze Buddha pendant and blue Agate stone. It has 2 Smoky Quartz and 2 Garnet feature beads.


108 beads, 7mm diameter  |  69cm length (excluding stone and pendant)

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Divya is a talented craftswoman who works with great patience, sensitivity and attention, all exquisitely reflected in her jewellery. Her works are called creAleph as they are inspired from the geometry of God’s creation, and they incorporate many symbols and themes of ancient traditions. Divya handmakes the bronze pendants in her malas and uses rosewood beads from the city of Prophet Abraham as well as stunning pieces of gemstone.

The rosewood is oiled with almond oil which cares for the wood and brings out the beads’ natural grain and colour. It may feel slightly tacky initially, but the oil quickly dissipates with use and exposure to air.

Bronze is a metal which can change colour such as become slightly darker or more shiny depending on the environment and wear. To enhance shine, the bronze can be rubbed with sodium bicarbonate and lemon. Note that exposure to salt water can cause the bronze to rust.