My love, why all this worry? There is only the Infinite Self – You are That


“My love, why all this worry? There is only the infinite Self – You are that.” ~ Mooji

A beautiful offering with acrylic and gold paint and varnish on plywood with Bamboo and Bell. Paintings on both sides. It has a makrame & sisal hanging fixture on the top.

Dimensions approximately: 27 x 48.5 cm  | 2 cm thickness

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Mukti‘s artwork like her being overflows with creativity, playfulness and love for truth. She studied fine-art and animation and has worked alongside Moojibaba on many creative projects. Her heart expresses in music, watercolour paintings, animations and also in these vibrant signs.

Mukti is a member of the AV Team at Monte Sahaja and coordinates the editing of Satsang videos for Sahaja Express and Mooji TV.