The Pure and Free Heart Knows No Fear


The pure and free heart knows no fear.~ Mooji

An exquisite and unique offering with Acrylic paint and varnish on plywood with Makrame embellishments by Simran, Eucalyptus seeds, Bell, Shell and Feather hangings. Includes Portuguese Medronho branch. Paintings on both sides. It has a sisal hanging fixture.

Dimensions approximately: 40 x 41 cm  | 2 cm thickness

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Mukti‘s artwork like her being overflows with creativity, playfulness and love for truth. She studied fine-art and animation and has worked alongside Moojibaba on many creative projects. Her heart expresses in music, watercolour paintings, animations and also in these vibrant signs.

Mukti is a member of the AV Team at Monte Sahaja and coordinates the editing of Satsang videos for Sahaja Express and Mooji TV.