Lisbon Awakening Intensive – April 2024


After several years of not having physical retreats, this Awakening Intensive in Lisbon was a powerful opportunity for many of the sangha to meet Moojibaba in person and be fully immersed in Satsang. Full of insightful meetings and profound exchanges, each Satsang also ends with some time devoted to sitting with the recent ‘Just Be’ exercise.

Included for download are 7 Satsangs with Mooji as well as a special Mooji Sangha Live Concert. MP3 versions of all the video files are also included.

This intensive includes dubbed translations in the following languages: Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese and Italian.

This intensive can be streamed and downloaded on MoojiTV.
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For streaming and download:

  1. Life Flows Naturally Inside Unbound Awareness (2h58m)
  2. Lord, I Am Nothing Without You. I Am Nothing With You—Such a Beautiful Nothing! (2h50m)
  3. Make God Your First Choice (and Everything Else Will Follow) (2h29m)
  4. I’ve Lost Myself—The Greatest Misconception! (2h33m)
  5. Mooji Sangha Live Concert (2h49m)
  6. Don’t Wait for the Ego to Drop—Just Be. (2h46m)
  7. Discovering This, You Fulfil the Fruits of All Practices (3h12m)
  8. You Have the Key to Freedom in Your Hand—Will You Use It? (3h36m)

For streaming only:

Included in the intensive are three Pre-Requisite Satsang Recordings which were shared with all retreat participants to set the foundation for being in an intensive with Moojibaba, as well as two spontaneous Sangha Meetings which took place during Mooji’s time in Lisbon. These talks are not included for download.

Pre-Requisite Recordings

  1. You Are the Sky of Pure Awareness (1h1m)
  2. Today We Meet on My Terms—Just Be (1h50m)
  3. From Mind to Heart (36m)

Sangha Meetings

  1. The Fruit of Real Seeing Is Pure Joy (1h36m)
  2. 27 Countries—One Heart (1h3m)

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