Best of Open Satsangs in Rishikesh 2020

Offered from Rishikesh, India on 12 February - 8 March, 2020


A powerful selection of Satsang excerpts from the 4 weeks of Open Satsangs with Mooji in Rishikesh in 2020. These 20 highlights from the season have been carefully selected for their potency and immediacy, offering a wonderful opportunity to receive the best of these Satsangs in a condensed form.

Contains around 8 hours of footage, in 20 videos that are generally 15 – 40 mins long (also available to stream for free on Mooji TV). Audio-only versions of all the video files are also included.

This Satsang compilation can be streamed and downloaded on MoojiTV.
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The Open Satsang with Mooji in Rishikesh, India are available to stream for free on Mooji TV, including the Best Of selection. They can also be purchased via Mooji TV to download onto your device in both video and audio-only formats so you can watch and listen wherever you like regardless of internet connectivity.

These carefully selected excerpts offer a powerful opportunity to be immersed in the energy field of Satsang. During Satsang, Mooji speaks with seekers of Truth as they bring forward any burning questions, doubts and testimonies in relation to their search for lasting peace, joy and liberation. In open interactions, seekers from all backgrounds and traditions are introduced to the direct path to freedom through self-inquiry and The Invitation—which is proving to be one of the most effective aids for true and lasting Self-discovery.

The Best of Rishikesh 2020 contains:
Week 1 Highlights
– The Mind Is So Noisy Right Now, But That Makes No Difference to What I Am (30:15)
– The Invitation — Our Listening Mirror (42:46)
– There’s a Joy Blossoming In Your Heart — Don’t Let The World Trouble You (15:24)

Week 2 Highlights
–  I Want To Show You An Easy Way Out Of Suffering (16:07)
–  Use Mind Attacks To Wake Up (31:05)
–  *MUST SEE* The Mystery Of Awakening! (condensed version) (1:17:53)
–  You Have Two Minutes To Be Free (22:31)

Week 3 Highlights
– MUST SEE!! This Is Seeing — The Dissolution of Delusions (48:55)
– Learn to Observe: That Is A Great Step Into Awakening (49:07)
– The One Who Couldn’t Speak (10:07)
– “I Am” — The Purest And Simplest Of Meditations (19:18)
– “How Can I Stay As Is-ness In Daily Life?” (10:29)
– This Exercise Exorcises Fear (7:49)
– Mooji on Grief, Loss, and Relationships (11:18)
– “Am I Everything Or Am I No-Thing?” (10:13)

Week 4 Highlights
– What You Are Is Wonderful (8:57)
– You Have Found That Which Cannot Be Found (21:26)
– Even The Strongest Storm Is Still Just A Movement In The Unmoving Awareness (22:31)
– Now You Are Truly Enjoying Your Self (11:31)
– “How Can I Become More Compassionate?” (16:45)

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