Matri Darshan

A Photo Album about Shri Anandamayi Ma


Matri Darshan is a beautifully curated photo album of Anandamayi Ma, sharing many images from throughout her life. Anandamayi Ma is a great Indian saint, an embodiment of compassion and love. Included in this collection are Ma’s divine insights, reflections and guidance, offered in English, French and German. This is a treasure trove for devotees and seekers of Truth alike, full of encouragement and inspiration.

Hardcover, 176 pages
Dimensions: 24.5 x 17.5cm

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Anandamayi Ma continues to touch many people’s lives with her divine joy. A great sage of India, her life is an inspiration to all on the path of enlightenment. Matri Darshan contains her words of wisdom, devotion and insights into sadhana (spiritual practice). There are also anecdotal stories from those who met Ma during her lifetime.

“How much more time will you spend at a wayside Inn? Don’t you want to go home? How exquisite it all is… One is, in his own Self, the wanderer, the exile, the home-coming and the home… oneself is all that there is…”

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French, German, English