Song of the Avadhut

An English Translation of the Avadhut Gita


Dattatreya’s Song of the Avadhut is a spiritual masterpiece, an offering of love that transmits the unitive wisdom of the limitless Self. It can be a powerful support for all who are discovering their true reality and nature, beyond the fear of life and death.

Gitas are known for their songlike quality and repetitive verses, which effortlessly bring the reader into one’s natural source. The Song of the Avadhut is a radiant example of this in its ability to evoke pure understanding in the heart of the earnest seeker.

Softcover, 170 pages
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This version offers both English and corresponding Sanskrit transliteration.

“I’ve put an end to both wavering and unwavering; I don’t even imagine thought.
I’ve put an end to both dreaming and waking, I neither sleep nor wake.
I’ve put an end to animate and inanimate, I’m neither moving nor still.
I’m nectarean knowledge, unchanging bliss, I’m everywhere, like space.

I’m not the knower, nor something to be known, nor am I the cause of knowledge.
I’m beyond the realm of speech, the mind and the intellect;
How could the ultimate Reality ever be described by words?
I’m nectarean knowledge, unchanging bliss; I’m everywhere, like space.”
p 87

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