Sorupa Saram

The Essence of One's Own True Nature


Sorupananda was a great Tamil Saint and Guru who lived and taught in South India about 500 years ago. Sorupa Saram is his only known work, a quintessential text, revealing in an uncompromising exposition, the perfect state of liberated beings who abide in and as the Self. 

These verses were also highly valued by Sri Ramana Maharshi, often telling of how even the most critical and sceptical of visitors would fall into the silence of the heart in Sorupananda’s presence. 

This new edition contains the first ever English translation of this sacred text as well as the original Tamil, compiled in a question and answer style.

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Edited by David Godman

Translated by T.V. Venkatasubramian, Robert Butler & David Godman

Softcover book  |  76 pages  |  21.5 x 14cm

ISBN: 978-0-9885285-0-5

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English and Tamil