Padamalai is a compilation of over two thousand verses from the Tamil poet, Muruganar, concentrating on the essence of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s spiritual teachings. Muruganar was one of his most influential devotees, and Sri Ramana’s wisdom and guidance overflow throughout this prominent piece. 

These verses can be read as short teaching statements, offering guidance for a practical application of self-inquiry in one’s daily life. Each one provides food for deep contemplation and is wrapped in the love and devotion of a disciple to his Guru.

This English edition of Padamalai has been edited by David Godman who has arranged the teachings thematically, organising them into topics such as ‘Self-inquiry’, ‘Surrender, Love and Devotion’ and ‘The Self’. To supplement the text many other quotations by Ramana have been added.

Please note these unique books have travelled from India. Some have very minor cosmetic imperfections and are offered at a discounted price.

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Muruganar was instrumental in persuading Ramana to compose both Ulladu Narpadu and Upadesa Undiyar, two of his most important works. He also recorded and rendered many of Ramana’s spoken teachings. 

When Muruganar composed Padamalai, he had the idea of composing a work that would be chanted by devotees who would sing it in order to increase their ‘remembrance of the divine feet of the Lord’. This verse is the refrain he composed, intending it to be chanted after each verse:

What is always natural to everyone is liberation, which is bliss.
Bondage is delusion of mind, a false sensation.
The ego alone is bondage, and one’s own true nature, free of the contagion of the ego, is liberation.
There is no greater deception than believing in liberation, which is ever present as one’s own nature, will be attained at some later stage.
Even the desire for liberation is the work of delusion.
Therefore, remain still.

~ Ramana Maharshi, taken from Padamalai


About the cosmetic imperfections: these can vary, but are of the nature of a few pages having small folds in the corner, page cutting errors, smudges on inside pages, a few printing ink marks on the paper edges or damage to the cover or spine.

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