The Power of the Presence

Part 2


The Power of the Presence, Part 2 is a wonderful portrayal of living and being guided by the great sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi. This book is a compilation of transforming encounters from seven of his devotees. 

Each chapter shares stories and events from their momentous experience of living alongside Bhagavan in Ramanasramam. Those included in this volume are Kunju Swami, Muruganar, T.P Ramachandra Iyer, Chhaganlal V. Yogi, Lakshmana Swamy, Swami Ramanagiri & Viswanatha Swami 

This book is compiled and edited by David Godman. It is Part 2 of a set of 3 but can also be read and enjoyed as a stand alone book. 

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Kunju Swami:
‘How can I know who I am?’ I asked.
‘See from where thoughts arise,’ answered Sri Bhagavan.
‘But how is this to be done?’ I enquired.
Sri Bhagavan first replied, ‘Turn your mind inwards and see in the Heart,’ and then afterwards reverted to his natural state of silence. 

As we sat silently together, Sri Bhagavan’s gracious look was fixed on me. At that very moment all my confusion ceased and I experienced a peace and bliss I had never experienced before. 

~ The Power of the Presence

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