Wake Up and Roar, Satsang with Papaji, Vol 1-2

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In these teachings of Sri H.W.L Poonja (Papaji), you are offered an opportunity to awaken here and now, regardless of background or personal circumstances. With humour, logic and inspiring storytelling, Papaji extends wisdom to the earnest seeker with a burning desire for Truth. Wake Up and Roar invites us to experience Papaji’s profound teachings to awaken instantly through direct self-discovery.

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Softcover volumes

Vol 1: 171 pages  |   Vol 2: 175 pages

Wake Up and Roar introduces the world to an extraordinary development: that full awakening is possible here and now for everyone. This genuine possibility is the pointing and divine knowledge shared by Papaji.

Many beings have experienced glimpses of their true nature; perhaps in Satsang, through a meditative or spiritual practice, or even as a spontaneous moment of bliss. However, there is often an unspoken belief that true and lasting awakening in this lifetime is not possible. Due to an incorrect understanding, such moments are often externalised and seen as a result of something phenomenal or are simply incorporated into the ego as a personal achievement.

Wake Up and Roar affirms that true Freedom is available to you here and now! Helping you come to a full and experiential understanding of this—not merely as a belief—is Papaji’s gift to the world.


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