Einladung in die Freiheit – German An Invitation to Freedom

Auch du kannst erwachen – jetzt!


German translation of An Invitation to Freedom

An invitation to freedom is a clear and direct guide to self-realization. If you long for it and the desire to be free has awakened in you and become irresistible, then this invitation is for you. Mooji’s book shines with the living realization of the Infinite Self that we are. Follow his direction and make the greatest discovery of your life.

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Invitation to freedom is a living universal key to self-realization. Mooji’s clues effortlessly penetrate the superficial veils that seem to obscure our true nature and quickly lead the mind and mind to their own source, the heart.

Today’s seekers of truth recognize in the invitation a new, unknown and auspicious gift of divine grace – the Infinite Self. And so, thousands of people around the world are awakening to the natural, omnipresent truth as their own living, immortal experience.

The invitation is quick, easy and powerful. If you follow their guidance seriously, you will see that you are already home. This could be the greatest discovery of your life.

“If your longing for self-knowledge and the need to be free are irresistible and alive within you, then this invitation is for you. God himself put this longing in your heart, and so you too can awaken – now! It works, it works, it works – yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. ”
~ Mooji

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