Omkara, Let Nothing Remain


“Oh Beloved One
From Darkness to Light
From Untruth to Truth
Let Nothing Remain
For I Am”
(from: Heart of Fire)

“The voice of Omkara is a divine phenomenon. It is Truth or Satsang expressing itself in the form of music. A voice and message emanating from Silence has come to take you home to the heart of Being.”
~ Mooji

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01. Guru Stotram (4:29min)
02. Om Bhagavan Sri Ramana (8:53min)
03. Pathless Path (3:37min)
04. Everything Is Shiva (5:38min)
05. Om Mani Padme Hum (7:42min)
06. Infinite Dance (4:55min)
07. Shower of Grace (7:10min)
08. Heart of Fire (5:51min)

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