No Mind, I am the Self

The Lives and Teachings of Lakshmana Swamy and Mathru Sri Sarada


No Mind – I am the Self is the first published account of the lives, experiences and teachings of Sri Lakshmana Swamy & Mathru Sri Sarada. 

Sri Lakshmana Swamy is a direct disciple of Ramana Maharshi in whose presence Swamy came to the realisation of the Self in 1949. Swamy had a small ashram in Andhra Pradesh, India before moving to Tiruvannamalai and taught mostly through the medium of silence. 

Marthru Sri Sarada is Swamy’s adopted daughter who met Swamy whilst in her teens and realised the Self within four years. This book also offers glimpses of Sarada’s teachings and unconditional love for her devotees. 

‘The Self is ever-present; there is no question of realising it. You can neither reach it nor attain it because you are the Self even now. It is said that the mind prevents one from being aware of the Self, but the mind is non-existent. The Self alone exists, and one who knows this knows that there is no birth, no death, no mind, no time and no question of enlightenment. This is the final truth.’ 

~Sri Lakshmana Swamy

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