Day by Day with Bhagavan


Day by Day with Bhagavan is the diary of Devaraja Mudaliar, a long-term devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi, recording conversations and events that took place during the years 1945 to 1947.

Devaraja had a wonderfully sweet relationship with his Master, like that of a child with his father. He would ask the Maharshi questions on a number of topics, from trivial to profound, giving us an intimate and unique insight into the life of Ramana. 

This work offers a full collection of the Maharshi’s profound wisdom regarding the nature of the Self, interspersed with unique dialogues relating to sadhana and self-inquiry in an easy to read manner. Emanating from this book are the great Sage’s love, humour, wisdom and compassion. 

Hardcover edition.

Please note these unique books have travelled from India. Some have very minor cosmetic imperfections and are offered at a discounted price.

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“That which does not exist always, but exists at one time and not at another, cannot be real. You exist always and you alone are therefore real. Liberation is another name for you. It is always here and now with you. It has not to be won or reached hereafter or somewhere.” ~ Day by Day with Bhagavan


About the cosmetic imperfections: these can vary, but are of the nature of a few pages having small folds in the corner, page cutting errors, smudges on inside pages, a few printing ink marks on the paper edges or damage to the cover or spine.

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