Reality in Forty Verses

with Supplement


Reality in Forty Verses is an important work in the catalogue of offerings from Ramana Maharshi. These 40 verses were composed by Sri Ramana and contain the quintessence of his teachings and the powerful inquiry that leads to the realisation of the Self. 

The book also contains a commentary on the verses by the Vedantic scholar Lakshmana Sarma, who worked closely with Bhagavan in translating and transmitting the pointings. It is a delight for seekers of Truth.

Please note these unique books have travelled from India. Some have very minor cosmetic imperfections and are offered at a discounted price.

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“The Self, the very form of Awareness, is the sole verity and nothing else is real. All else, the so-called ‘knowledge’, that appears as manifold, is but ignorance. This ignorance too, which is unreal having no existence of its own, is not other than the Self – the very form of Chaitanya – Consciousness. Know that this is just like the unreal ornaments of different shapes made of gold that cannot be other than the truth of gold – the real.” ~ Reality in Forty Verses


About the cosmetic imperfections: these can vary, but are of the nature of a few pages having small folds in the corner, page cutting errors, smudges on inside pages, a few printing ink marks on the paper edges or damage to the cover or spine.

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