Be As You Are

The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi


Be As You Are is a spiritual powerhouse of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s most essential and direct teachings. This collection of conversations between him and the many seekers who visited him in Tiruvannamalai is a must-have for those earnestly on the path to liberation.

These pages are filled with Sri Ramana’s assertion and encouragement that self-realisation is the natural condition of man, a reality available to all, and provides abundant guidance on how one may discover this. The wisdom shared in Be As You Are is a radiant display of why Sri Ramana is one of the most revered, loved and sought after sages, to this day.

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How is the ego to be destroyed?
Hold the ego first and then ask how it is to be destroyed. Who asks the question? It is the ego. This question is a sure way to cherish the ego and not to kill it. If you seek the ego you will find that it does not exist. That is the way to destroy it. 

How is realisation made possible?
There is an absolute Self from which a spark proceeds as from a fire. The spark is called the ego. In the case of an ignorant man it identifies itself with an object simultaneously with its rise. It cannot remain independent of such association with objects. The association is ajnana or ignorance and its destruction is the object of our efforts. If its objectifying tendency is killed it remains pure, and also merges into the source. The wrong identification with the body is dehatma buddhi [‘I am the body’ idea]. This must go before good results follow.

~ Be As You Are

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