Best of Zmar 2019

Compilation from 1st Zmar Silent Retreat, October 2019


Best of Zmar is a remarkable 5-hour video series of some of the most powerful, instructive and enlightening moments during this Zmar event, offering a potent retreat experience. It includes 15 Satsang excerpts, one full length guided meditation and a vibrant bhajans concert offered by the Jai Sahaja! bhajans team.

This retreat compilation can be streamed and downloaded on MoojiTV.
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The Best of Zmar 2019 contains:

0. Stay as the Sense I Am (Guided Exercise, 20min)
1. I Will Walk Alongside You, But the Discovery Is Your Own (60min)
2. When You Can Bear Your Own Silence, You Are Free (31min)
3. Are You Observing With Interest or Without? (17min)
4. The Place Where We Are One, Not Two (39min)
5. “How Can I Stay Detached If Pain Is Too Strong?” (21min)
6. The I Am Wants Nothing From the Ego — Not Even Surrender (34min)
7. Emptiness is getting used to emptiness (13min)
8. Check In and Ego Will Check Out (35min)
9. Seeing Without Eyes, Knowing Without Mind, Being Without Becoming
(Silent sitting, 55min)
10. What You Are Can Never Die (12min)
11. Don’t Take Shape (14min)
12. You Are the Womb of All Manifestation (28min)
13. Jai Sahaja! Bhajans (Concert, 115min)
14. The Place Before All Beginnings (15min)
15. Now You Know Your True Place — Don’t Go Back to Sleep (17min)

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