Master Pointing to Awakening

Essential Self-Inquiry Guidance


This powerful guidance from Mooji is not to be missed! It takes us into the heart of the spiritual journey of awakening to the true nature of ‘I’. Among the many talks from Moojibaba, this one shines as a celestial gem of clarity and wisdom which can be reflected on again and again by any sincere seeker of Truth. 

This talk is also available as part of the Sahaja Express subscription service via streaming only.

Audio length: 34mins
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Moojibaba invites us into deep introspection into the true nature of ‘I’’. He unravels for us the quintessence of the spiritual journey—from the root idea that we are the body, through to the birth of spirituality and ultimately to the state of the awakened one. Moojibaba reminds us that this capacity to awaken to the complete truth is present in everyone.

“I continue to encourage you that we all confirm our true place as the unchanging—
not as a mental, determined act, but through experiential, proven seeing
that you are earlier than any activity because they are reporting to you. 

You are perceiving them.
They cannot give you your Self.
You are there before all.”



Recorded on 1 April, 2020 in Monte Sahaja, Portugal.

This talk is also available as part of the Sahaja Express subscription service. Many intimate and profound talks like this are available on Sahaja Express via streaming.