The Immensity of Being

Audio Guided Meditations with Mooji and original music


These two guided meditations are profound pointers to the natural, effortless space of the Self. Here, genuine peace and harmony prevails. Accompanied with gentle, originally composed music, these short, potent guided meditations are powerful aid for self-realisation. 

You are awareness itself,
Like space. It hides nothing, It keeps nothing,
It does not hold a record of today nor a forecast of tomorrow
—vast and pure. 

Track 1: Be Filled with the Spirit of Truth (24mins)
Track 2: Remarkably, the Ever-Perfect One is Your Self (15mins)

Downloadable only. Comes with a short bonus video (see below).



These two meditations arose from silent sittings with Mooji, when he would sit in early morning contemplation with the sangha in Monte Sahaja. Mooji’s guidance is deep and profound, arising from the silence of the Self and carrying this vibration.

1. Be Filled with the Spirit of Truth (24mins)
In this deep inquiry into the nature of who we are, Mooji guides us to leave aside everything for a moment and come to see: Who is behind the eyes, and the very looking itself?

When you are a person, you are filled with things
When you are the Infinite, all things are filled with you
~ Mooji

Accompanied by gentle piano, this guided meditation reveals the imperishable Isness of one’s true nature, whose fragrance is peace, joy, love and openness, without need or sorrow. Let the personal mind be washed in wisdom and grace, and marinate in the purity of this seeing.

Spoken words from Mooji recorded in Monte Sahaja, Portugal, on 30 November, 2017.
Music by Gotama (piano, sansula and synth).
Mastered by Sadhu Om.

2. Remarkably, the Ever-Perfect One is Your Self (15mins)
A simple yet profound guided meditation suitable for all seekers. Mooji gently guides us into oneness with the effortless space of the Self. It is a perfect reminder that a natural harmony prevails simply by leaving aside the stickiness of personhood and understanding the mind without becoming entangled. We are timelessly one with this pure state of Being.

“Whatever the state of your body or mind,
the ever-perfect one is present in the heart of you.
It is your truest truth, your only constant.
The sense of wholeness is restored, harmony prevails.”

~ Mooji


Spoken words from Mooji recorded in Monte Sahaja, Portugal, on 12 January, 2017.
Music by Gotama (piano and synth), and excerpts of an ocean sample by InspectorJ.
Mastered by Sadhu Om.

The video recordings of these two meditations in their original form without music are available on the Sahaja Express subscription service via streaming.

Bonus Video
Included in the download package is this powerful short video made with an excerpt from “Remarkably, the Ever-Perfect One is Your Self”, one of the two meditations on this album.

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