The True Yoga of Life

Audio Guided Meditations with Mooji and original music


These two meditations are an inspiring and uplifting encouragement to leave aside petty troubles and merge in our true source and home. The spell of separation is broken, and we see clearly our nature is freedom, our perfume is peace and joy, wisdom, silence and love.

“Be here completely, in the heart of your own self.
It is not a picture, it has no shape, it is beyond time.
Here is the birthplace of love and peace.”
~ Mooji

Track 1: When Mind and Presence Become One (20mins audio)
Track 2: You without ‘you’ — The Light of Consciousness (20mins audio)

Accompanied with gentle, originally composed music, these short, potent guided meditations are powerful aid for self-realisation.

Available as a CD or Downloadable. CD orders also receive the Downloadable tracks.

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These two meditations arose from silent sittings with Mooji, when he would sit in early morning contemplation with the sangha in Monte Sahaja. Mooji’s guidance is deep and profound, arising from the silence of the Self and carrying this vibration.

1. When Mind and Presence Become One (20mins)  
In this inspiring and uplifting guided meditation, Mooji points us directly to our true source and home with stunning beauty and clarity. This powerful guidance is the true yoga of life and is not to be missed!

This great silence in you, it cannot be created, it can only be discovered.
It is revealed through understanding and Grace, it is your very nature.
This silence is not different from peace, it is not different from wisdom,
it is not apart from Love, inseparable from Truth or God.”
~ Mooji

Accompanied by originally composed handpan and a subtle hum, this 20 minute guidance is suitable for all seekers and settings, giving rise to a profound stillness, peace, joy and love.


Spoken words from Mooji recorded in Monte Sahaja, Portugal, on 19 January, 2017.
Music by Omkara (arrangement), Gotama (synth) and Santosh (handpan).
Mastered by Sadhu Om.

2. You without ‘you’ — the Light of Consciousness (20mins)
A deeply encouraging, powerful guidance to stand in the light of pure consciousness, leaving aside petty troubles and resistances that create great suffering. Mooji puts into perspective the magnificence of life that is ever-present, and calls for us to trust the grace and intuition of the Self. This call home is the same as the call to your natural state.

Our nature is freedom. Our perfume is peace and joy,
wisdom, silence and love. We cannot study or develop these.
You are only discovering, recognising all this is ever present in you,
—masked temporarily by the fool’s gold fascination of personhood.
To value or venerate Truth, God, is to value your Self,
which will break the spell of separation.
Let nothing stand in your way.”
~ Mooji

Accompanied by originally composed flute, this is a profound 20 minute guidance especially suited for mature seekers ready to go all the way.


Spoken words from Mooji recorded in Monte Sahaja, Portugal, on 13 November, 2017.
Music by Sri Ram (bansuri flute) and Gotama (synth).
Mastered by Sadhu Om.

The video recordings of these two meditations in their original form without music are available on the Sahaja Express subscription service via streaming.

Bonus Video
This beautiful short video is included with the CD and downloadable.