Pure Awareness — I Am

Mooji Mantra for a Peaceful Mind

Moojibaba offers us a simple and potent mantra for stilling the mind. This downloadable album features a short introduction from Mooji about the mantra and how to use it, as well as two versions of the mantra: a 5-minute version and 15-minute version. Highly recommended for anyone struggling with mind attacks or mind storms, this chant is a powerful and direct reminder of your true Self.

We are offering this mantra on a “pay as  you feel” basis. You can pay any amount (or no amount, if you wish), whatever you feel from your heart to contribute.



Album tracks:

  1. Introduction to the Mantra, by Mooji
  2. Pure Awareness — I Am Mantra ~ 5-minute version
  3. Pure Awareness — I Am Mantra ~ 15-minute version

Listen to a sample here:


The Pure Awareness I Am Mantra is also available on Sahaja Express in two video versions: a 5-minute version which also includes Moojibaba’s introduction of the Mantra, and a 15-minute version for those who want to dive deep into this practice.

“Today I’m going to show you with this chant
how to bring your mind back to its source.
The source of the mind, whatever state the mind may be in,
is a place of pure joy, peace, and silence.
Silence, joy, natural peace, love —
this we call perfect and formless awareness itself.

“Pure Awareness, I Am
Pure Awareness, I Am
Pure Awareness, I Am

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