Temple of Emptiness

Spontaneous Guided Meditation


Mooji’s direct guidance and immediate pointers in this meditation reveal the ever-present space of pure awareness. Temple of Emptiness is a call to be one with the true Self perfect peace, stillness and timeless Being. 

‘I am consciousness,
dancing inside my infinite stillness
– to know this is freedom,
to doubt it, bondage. 

Now I am the consciousness roaming to find
the one in whom I can take rest.
Will I pass your house?
God says,
‘Make your house into a temple of emptiness
and I will come and live there.’ 

Temple of Emptiness guidance is offered both with original music and without, with the soft, ambient music carefully arranged to support the flow of Mooji’s words.

Available as a CD or Downloadable. CD orders also receive the Downloadable tracks.

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Temple of Emptiness offers an immediate opportunity to come into the natural recognition of one’s formless nature as pure spirit, perfect Awareness. Mooji’s spontaneous guidance brings the attention away from the transient manifestation, distractions and thought, to simply rest in natural Self-abidance.

The original music composition on Track 1 by Gotama was carefully arranged to support the flow of Mooji’s words. Temple of Emptiness is offered both with and without music to suit every listener.

‘Do not hold one single thought or shape in the mind.
Everything is coming up, going away.
You are not here to watch thoughts.

If you do not hold to any thought that is presented through the mind,
stay totally empty,
you will naturally come to that recognition
of the formless, that vastness in which
thoughts blip momentarily.
If they are not picked up,
they have no choice but to subside into oblivion. 

So there’s nothing to do here now,
nothing to prove.
Make no effort.
Nothing you see is of benefit to you.
Nothing is needed that the mind presents.
None of that is needed for you.

Rest in Awareness as Awareness itself. 

That is it.’

Spoken words: recorded in Monte Sahaja, Portugal on 13 October, 2019
Original music by Gotama
Mastered by Sadhu Om
Audio length: 57 minutes