Just Be ~ Compilation of Guided Sittings

“Just Be” is a powerful guided exercise for abiding in the state of Beingness, under Moojibaba’s loving and supportive presence.

Through this sitting exercise which has become a central part of Moojibaba’s satsangs, more and more seekers are confirming the joy, inner silence and clarity arising from the non-dual realisation of the Self. Even people new to the search for truth are finding this ‘Just Be’ exercise very relatable, immediate and unexpectedly profound.

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1. Introduction (2.28)
2. 5 Minute Sitting (6.05)
3. 10 Minute Sitting (9.26)
4. 10 Minute Sitting (9.21)
5. 5 Minute Sitting (5.17)
6. Closing Words (1.04)

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